by Scott Schecter

Awesome Cycles Custom DNN Theme For DNN Corp


We have a lot of experience with the various content management systems at Schecter & Co. Our clients often come to us when they need help extending their current content management system to better meet their application requirements or when they have outgrown their current solutions capabilities.

One of the most popular content management systems on the Microsoft stack is DNN. DNN is an open source content management system written in C#. We have created many custom DNN modules and DNN Themes for our clients over the years. So you can imagine we were very pleased when the DNN corporation (the steward of the DNN open source project) contacted us for help creating a custom DNN Theme and portal template package. DNN corporation came to us with the task of implementing the Awesome Cycles design that is the new default Theme and portal template for all DNN 7 installations. The design team at DNN did a great job keeping the Theme and template design clean and simple.

Awesome Cycles Custom DNN Theme

Awesome Cycles Custom DNN Theme

We took DNN corporation’s designs and created the custom Awesome Cycles DNN Theme package in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also created a portal template in HTML and CSS to be applied to newly created portals by default in DNN 7 along with the Awesome Cycles DNN Theme. The DNN team was a pleasure to work with and having their design already nailed down prior to the project beginning enabled us to turnaround this project very quickly. You can find out more about the DNN content management system here. If you have installed DNN 7 let us know what you think about the Awesome Cycles DNN Theme package and portal template. If you are interested in custom DNN modules or DNN Themes drop us a line.

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