by Scott Schecter

Anova Custom DNN Theme For DNN Corp


Schecter & Co. once again had the pleasure of working with the DNN corporation. This time it was to create the Anova custom DNN theme for the DNN corporation. This is the second time Schecter & Co. has been selected to work with the DNN corporation to create a custom DNN theme that will be used in one of their core products. Thanks, DNN corp we are honored to work with you!

The Anova custom DNN theme is the default theme used in DNN’s new product DNN Social. If you want to learn more about DNN Social or see the Anova custom DNN theme in action just head over to the DNN software website.

Anova Custom DNN Theme

Anova Custom DNN Theme

We took DNN corporation’s design and created the custom Anova DNN theme package in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Anova theme features a clean and uncluttered layout. The color palette is restrained with pops of bright colors to grab your attention where needed. The focus of this theme was to facilitate communication within a given community. The aforementioned design choices aided in that cause and we think the end result is very nice. Check out the Anova theme in DNN Social and let us know what you think.

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